Mixed Martial Arts

In the recent years, Mixed Martial Arts is quickly becoming as the most popular sport in the country. Whether you need to get into professional MMA or learn an effective defense system, MMA has garnered huge interests.

As the name suggests, Mixed Martial Arts is an amalgamation of different forms of martial arts which includes Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu itsu, Kickboxing, karate, Boxing and Wrestling. The art form utilizes various techniques such as stand-up fighting, ground work and grappling technique for a whole body workout. The art form is extremely vigorous and requires utmost dedication and commitment. Practice on a continuous basis alone can provide the best results. This leads to a healthy lifestyle and also helps in bringing about a no-quitting spirit.

Like any other martial arts form, MMA has numerous health and mental benefits. It provides physical conditioning. As it requires complete focus, it helps in instilling self-discipline. It teaches you to accept your weaknesses and appreciate your strengths. As it is an excellent self-defense system, it helps in building self-confidence. Also, MMA teaches you to show humility and also develop a sense of respect.

Woman Self defense Brooklyn

Whether you live in Brooklyn or any other city, self defense is paramount for any women. When you learn how to defend yourself, you feel protected as well as have the confidence of facing any situation. Self defense is one such aspect you can learn irrespective of your age, physical fitness, speed and experience. Women self defense in Brooklyn, teaches not only how to tackle any attack but offers various other safety measures you can utilize to avoid dangerous situations.

How to avoid being targeted, how to steer clear from unwanted situations, how to avoid confrontation,
how to use your voice as your weapon are a few things you can learn in these classes. Women are taught to trust their instincts and also enlighten them about the various safety precautions they could take while stepping out. Through continuous practice, they can improve their response time which can come handy while under attack.

These self defense classes also teach you certain striking, blocking and kicking techniques you can apply while under attack. Certain maneuvers can definitely help you to get out of grabs and holds. Special classes on how to fight from the ground, how to react when attacked from behind, how to handle multiple attackers and how to act when weapons are allowed; can really prepare women.

Amerikick Martial Arts

Among many other martial arts academies, Amerikick Martial Arts located in Brooklyn, offers the best martial arts programs for Kids, Youth, Women and Adults. With the best instructors, Amerikick offers professional martial arts instructions and world class training. The programs are completely age specific and are designed to help you reach your potential best through motivational and inspiring classes. Amerikick operates in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Kansas and has been recognized locally and nationally for its outstanding training.

Some of the programs available at Amerikick are the Kids Karate Program which targets 3 to 6 year olds, Youth Karate program designed for children of 7 to 12 years group, Adults Karate Program, Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Kickboxing.

One of the most sought-after programs at Amerikick is the MMA Brooklyn. The Mixed Martial Arts program at Amerikick blends Muay Thai Kick Boxing (stand up skills), Judo (take downs), pummeling (controlling techniques) and Grappling skills (submission fighting). It also incorporates Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Shoot wrestling. So whether you want to engage professionally or learn a few self-defense techniques, Amerikick offers the most effective MMA program.