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April 9, 2020
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In Your Face - Popular Fighting Games

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The action of fighting and its intensity have always been popular topics; from the Old Sagas that were first told around campfires of the heroics of warriors to the medieval romance stories of knights. Fighting monsters has been an integral aspect of the stories. This genre of stories has always been in vogue. Thus we have board games like Battleship and arcade games like Gun Fight wherein the Old West gunslingers shot it out.

Fighting games are part of the action game genre. They involve a one-on-one fight. Traditionally, the hand-to-hand combat is a fighting game, though a clash between two opponents welding weapons is a branch of fighting games. A boxing convention of fans of boxing has been to call boxing the fights. Boxing has been categorized with fighting games, though some say it should be in sports. Of course really good boxing games strive to be realistic and showcase boxing strategies such as dancing, switching from left handed to right handed boxing and so on. Fighting games that revolve around the martial arts are not realistic in nature tending to exaggeration, though they are popular. Some of the first fighting games were boxing games.

Download Games

There are so many download games that are fighting games, but here are a few to try out if you haven't already experienced playing them.

Rumble Fighter is an action/fighting game, as many as eight players can rumble in great multiplayer skirmishing. The offensive maneuvers are blocking, throwing, and hitting and the players can morph.

Street Fighter 2 debuted in 1991 and it is back. This fighting game is competitive. It is credited by many as the game that pummeled this genre into the awareness of the general public causing the global arcade venue to stay dominant for many more years.

Toribash 3.69 is an unusual platform fighting game because it allows the player to decide the kinds of moves they make. Some of the kinds of fighting included are sumo, sword fights, kickboxing, and judo. This game isn't for children because it is too violent.

GunZ The Duel is an action/fighting game that is free. Hundreds of online players duke it out with guns, cloaks, knives, and swords. It is full of adventurers, bounty hunters, and outlaws.

Free Online Games

Sidering Knockout Boxing is a realistic free online boxing game. The player has to fight a slew of opponents to become the heavyweight champion. This game takes honing your skills in order to beat your opponent using combination punches and dancing away from the opposing boxer.

Warfare 1917 is a World War I fighting game and strategy game. The player advances his army, either German or British, through Europe from trench to trench. Gain the enemies territory and make them surrender at each trench to win the game.

Feudalism 2 is a cool fighting game that is based on the premise of ruling the world in feudal times. The world has six countries, twelve heroes, many weapons, and armor. To become the main king that rules the lesser vassals you'll purchase armament, recruit warriors, and leave no cities under the rule of your opponents.


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