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March 29, 2020
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How To Find The Perfect Martial Art School

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You do not have to drive too far to find the nearest martial art school. Finding a good dojo, though, is nothing short of a miraculous feat. So what should you look for on your quest to find the utopian school?

You want to find a school that teaches a complete martial art system. Some martial art schools focus on striking and other focus on grappling. Some dojos concentrate on meditation and healing while others specialize in effective street combat. There are schools that incorporate all of this holistic wisdom of mind, body, spirit, but they can be challenge to find.

It is important to train in a martial art school that helps to improve your short and long term health. If you are training is causing numerous injuries that is a serious red flag. The dojo should educate you about nutrition, fitness, and weight loss. Martial arts were designed to allow people to live a long healthy life. The choices you make today will dramatically affect the quality of your life when you are older.

It is critical to find a martial art school that does not withhold information. Some schools intentionally try to limit the knowledge that they will teach you. This forces you to become dependent on your teacher to learn new techniques or counters. The exceptional teachers will not withhold information and will even teach you how to invent your own techniques.

Just because a martial art teacher has great skill does not mean he is a good teacher. Many martial artists are skilled warriors but they do not excel in teaching. If you locate a school where the majority of students posses impressive knowledge and skill than you have probably found a special teacher.

You want to find a martial art school with great students. Skilled students are an indication that the teacher not only has excellent martial art abilities, but is also a gifted teacher. The saying that the "apple does not fall far from the tree" is a perfect example of this.

Make sure to find a martial art school that focuses on creativity. If the school merely has you memorize one kata or technique after another you might be setting yourself up for a serious wakeup call. What if you are attacked in an unfamiliar way in the street? If trained properly your mind will be armed to overcome any self-defense situation that you may encounter.


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