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June 25, 2020
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Find Out What A BJJ Kimono Is And How To Get One For Yourself

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When we speak of what is worn by practitioners of the martial arts known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it could only be what is known as the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kimono, or BJJ Kimono, for short. When considering where to buy a Kimono or Gi, it's important to know where to buy, the colors permitted for competition and how to find quality Gis. Grappling and ground fighting are expected to be executed during a match of Brazilian jiu jitsu. BJJ is deeply rooted In the Kosen Judo form of Kodokan Judo. Mitsuyo Maeda was instrumental in teaching Kosen judo to Carlos Gracie. Gracie was responsible for adapting the art into his own and thus, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was born.

The Brazilian JiuJitsu Kimono is adapted from the Japanese Gi. You have a pair of reinforced trousers, topped by a heavy jacket made of cotton. Over the jacket is a sash or belt tied around. Aside from holding the jacket closed, the belt would also be an indicator of the rank or expertise of the climber. If you notice, participants wear only either blue, white or black. when they are joining competitions, particularly on the international scale. Since this is a rule put in place by the International Brazilian JiuJitsu Federation, everyone practicing the sport should follow it. As stated in the IBJJF Article 8, every practitioner's BJJ Kimono should fit the clothes specification in order to be allowed into formal competitions.

The cloth or fabric used on the gi must be of good quality and in good condition, preferably cotton. The Gi should be made with fabric that will allow movement and would not obstruct the practitioners from carrying out various BJJ moves. Mixing and matching colors is a no-no in BJJ Gis. Pick among white, blue or black, but do not mix them together. The jacket should reach down to the thighs, while the sleeves should fall down to the wrist. Sleeve length is prescribed by the IBJJF. Follow the measurements as indicated. The Belt width must be 4-5 cm, with belt color corresponding to the practitioners rank. Tying the belt around the waist should be accomplished by a simple double knot: tight enough to secure the kimono but loose enough to allow freedom of movement. A belt that is obviously worn and old, and with the color having changed, need to be replaced immediately before you head out to a competition.

Rules are strict: if you have the wrong measurements, you cannot compete. Generally, you cannot wear a shirt under the kimono, although some concessions are made on this bit when it comes to female competitors. A BJJ practitioner is not allowed to paint his/her gi. If it's a team competition, however, this could probably be allowed. BJJ Kimonos - Where To Buy Them Your dojo, or martial arts school, would be the best place to buy yourself a kimono or Gi. If they do not sell gear, ask them the name of the vendor from whom they purchase their gear from. The advantage here is that you are likely to get the right quality at an affordable price.

But there are also advantages to buying your kimono online: they could be cheaper, and also you wouldn't have to pay taxes in most cases. But since you will be looking through a wide variety of sellers that sell a lot of BJJ kimonos, you would be having a difficult time making your choice. There is also the risk that they are of low quality. Go to someone from your own dojo, or someone experienced at this sort of thing, and ask for their thoughts. Going to the source is also a good idea. If you go to the website of the Gracie school, you will find a link to their store, where they hold many gear for sale. As the progenitor of the art, they stand behind their product. A perfect-fitting BJJ kimono is essential for anyone who plans to get serious and practice this martial art. Take what the experts say under advisement. Your school or your dojo would be the perfect place to start on your search for the perfect BJJ kimono for you.


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