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May 24, 2020
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Choosing The Best Martial Art

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People are constantly asking what is the best martial art to study. Many martial art schools boast that their style is the most formidable system in existence. In reality, all martial arts are good and have valuable teachings to offer. The most important criteria is what is the best martial art for you depending on your specific needs, your body, your personality, your age, and your health condition.

Karate is a popular self-defense choice among martial artists. Karate generally focuses on standing blocks and strikes with the hands and legs. Most Karate schools today teach sport-based styles which allow practitioners to compete in various martial art tournaments. That can be a great way to become more disciplined and fit, but if you are primarily seeking a martial art for self-defense you may want to find a Karate school that teaches combative forms of this discipline.

Muay Thai kickboxing is a popular martial art. The martial art teaches powerful striking techniques with the fists, elbows, knees, and shins. Muay Thai can be an effective martial art for competitions and also for street combat. The techniques of Muay Thai will help you attain stellar cardio vascular conditioning. Muay Thai is an art that usually appeals to younger people, but the hard style can be difficult on the body if you are not utilizing herbs, proper nutrition, and energy work to counteract the demanding physical striking routine of the shins and elbows.

Arnis is a combative martial art from the Philippines. Arnis, along with its sister arts of Eskrima and Kali, will teach you how to fight with and defend against impact weapons such as sticks and edged weapons such as knives and machetes. Arnis is a powerful martial art that can teach you how to defend yourself in a short amount of time.

Tai Chi is one of the softest yet most potent martial arts in existence. Most martial artists today only learn watered down versions of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is phenomenal for supporting good health and destressing the body. Tai Chi is also an effective combative martial art if you are lucky enough to find a teacher who will share a complete and pure Tai Chi system.

Kung Fu consists of many different styles and variations. Some Kung Fu styles are hard, some are soft, and some martial art schools teach a hybrid of the two. The martial art schools that focus on Kung Fu for street combat as well as internal energetic development can be a rare, but remarkable treasure.

Eskrima arguably offers unrivaled stick and knife fighting strategies. Originally from the Philippines, Eskrima will teach you how to defend yourself using rattan sticks. The movements are easily applicable for self-defense purposes with or without a stick. There are many levels of proficiency, but Eskrima basics can be learned in a short amount of time since the art focuses on simple and effective strategies for real life combat.


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